Country: Eritrea


Theme: Three seasons in two hours ( Beauty of Nature)

Exhibition target:

·         Common horticultural crops in Eritrea

·         Eritrean culture relate to plants- Doum palm tree and Coffee

·         Efforts towards ensuring future green life

Exhibition content

·         Posters of horticultural crops and green clubs in Eritrea

·         Materials made from doum palm tree leaves

·         Doum palm fruit

·         Eritrean flowers in outdoor garden

·         Drawings by Eritrean children aged 8-14

Concept of Eritrea’s Garden

Eritrea is represented by Ministry of Agriculture to introduce its horticultural plants both wild and cultivated and presenting its rich culture related to plants and traditionally more famous and useful materials made by the hands of Eritrean women-doum palm tree products. As an issue of this century the world is getting warmer and warmer due to globalization and industrialization, deforestation and burning of forests by natural disasters and by human kind for different purposes, to overcome this Eritrea is fighting it with different methods, one of it is forming of green clubs in every school to afforest the country, this is presented in poster in Eritrean garden.  Mainly Eritrea presents the importance of plants in our life both in its materialistic view and social value in which they create love and communication among the family members and community-Eritrean coffee ceremony. Doum palm tree (hyphaene thebaica) which flourishes in hot dry regions have many benefits in which Eritrea presents its most common uses in the country, its leaves and fruit. The leaves of doum palm tree, is the most important part. The fiber and leaflets are used by the people to weave baskets, mats, brooms, ropes and hats. The usage of baskets made from leaves of doum palm (eco-friendly) helps in the elimination of plastic bags from the country and creates home based job opportunities and a means of income generation for women. And the second most important part of the plant is its woody dry fruit, in which it gives a sense of enjoyment to children while peeling and eating the fibrous rind while gives nutrition and they play with the hard seed as peg-top. The seed of the fruit have also usages in factories of buttons and beads. As a country the garden focused on the main theme of the expo rather than to commercialize activities, which are focusing on the promotion of our horticulture industry, sharing the culture, tradition, habit and mutual coexistence among the nine ethnic groups of Eritrea and two religions Muslim and Christian living in harmony together. Beside this Eritrea introduces its common flowers and garden designing material bamboo, planted in front of its booth.