Yemeni garden


Republic of Yemen


Children without violence means promising future as flowers

Exhibition target:

1.      1 Promoting for tourism in Yemen and show visitors diversified ancient Yemen culture and popular heritage

2.      2 Promoting the Yemen agricultural (fruit and veg) export in addition Yemen coffee, honey and Socotra island products.

3.      3 Acting on enhancing the mutual relationship between Yemen and Turkey to a better level especially in agricultural trade.

4.      4 Introducing Yemen biodiversity

5.      5 Presenting the problems that facing the Yemeni children due to civil war results of current political conflict and involved them in wars.

Exhibition Content:

1.      1 Hand craft and souvenir Section

2.      2 Fruit area, Coffee area, Honey area, Repossess, and Data Show area   


Activities for general audience

-          Presentation Yemen history (old, modern by tour books leaflets, posters, souvenirs, promotional stands, lectures, music and videos).

-          Presentation Biodiversity in Yemen (mountains, deserts, islands, seas), national reserves, beaches, dames, water resources.

-          Research Investment opportunities available on agriculture, factories and tourism in Yemen.

-          Presentation for farmers about cactus.

-          Presentation for head of Yemeni association for agricultural exporters about comparative advantage and competitiveness for Yemen Agricultural Products.

-          Presentation Suffering in Yemen results to (civil war, poverty, small girl’s marriage, children work, school leave).

-          Selling fruits, vegetables, coffee, honey and Socotra islands products in addition to souvenirs introducing Yemen’s culture and the heritage.

-          Held a meeting between Yemen business community and Turkish business community to get to know one another and discuss the possibility of access for the Yemeni agricultural products to the Turkish market and developing the trade relationship between Yemen and Turkey.

-          Organizing and conducting the Yemen nation day ceremony on May 22, 2016.

Special activities for children

-          Disturbing small Sketchbooks for some animals, flowers, trees and asking children to paint the portrait with suitable colors.

-          Yemeni children popular uniform and dance.

-          Popular Yemeni children’s games.