Kosovo garden


Republic of Kosovo


Simbolika – Symbolism

Exhibition content:

Symbolism treats the connection between mankind and nature. “Back to the Albanian history. Specifically the Illyrian tribe, the connection between plants and the mankind was present. Gent, the Illyrian king, as a result of a disease he was fighting with, he started the treatment with a plant known worldwide as Gentinaceae family. However, people started the name classification from the plantation world.  Typical examples are found even today. In the list of female name classification. The name Vjollca. Viola is a result of the name of the flower called Vjollca. The name Gentiana is a result of the name classification called Gentianacea: the name Iris is a result of the flower called Iris. Trendelina is a result of the flower called Trendalina. Dafina, which name comes from the flower called Dafine; Blini, Erblini is a male name which name comes from the linden tree Jasmini, which name comes from the Jasmin flower.”



Reviewing the naming process known as onomastic, we do face histories and different methods between mankind with its own self, with the birthplace and nature. Excluding the phenomenon of passing the name from an old period of time to the new one, it happens the same phenomenon between the admiration of mankind and the city, as it is found on the exhibition called “My name, their city” of the Kosovar artist. Alban Muja. He brings out the adoration and joining between the mankind and the dwelling. It is the same thing with the joining between mankind and nationalism. After the Kosovo war in 1999, on the name of admiration towards the origin place and the help from the outside party, many children were named the same manner. Such names that are present even today are Bill Clinton, once upon a time the president of USA; Tony Blair, ex-vice president of Greta Britain.

Such bond is found not only in Kosovo, but worldwide. It is a global phenomenon which occurred throughout mankind history, and it keeps being existent today. Nevertheless, Kosovo pavilion treats a theme which should be passed to the new generation, even in the future. It makes sense if this bond keeps being progressed.